What we do

Welcome to the Business Illustrator website! We are a group of comics artists and communications experts who specialise in turning complex and abstract (and potentially boring) information into highly shareable visual stories that are easy to understand and remember. Our clients tend to use our stories for internal communications initiatives and external campaigns.

Our products

  • Comic/Narrative infographic (online or print) – when you need to communicate complex topics
  • PowerPoint comic (Slideshare) – if your audience is into PowerPoint presentations and Slideshare.net this might be the product you need (example)
  • Cartoons (single panel comic) (online or print) – when you only need to grab people’s attention

We also offer:

  • Rich pictures – if you need to explore an idea or a problem for example in a workshop setting

Three different ways to develop a comic

  • We read your brief, go through the background material, ask questions and create the comic
  • We read your material and engage your staff in the story development process and create the comic (this is for organisations with internal social networks like Yammer). Often the best ideas come from frontline staff!
  • You develop the story and we create the comic

The process

1. The exploratory phase

First of all we want to know what you want to achieve by the comic. If need be, we can help you find the focus so we can create a story or stories that will help you to achieve your goal. We will ask questions and read the material you will give us. If need be, we’ll do research so we understand the issues better.

2. The scriptwriting phase

We will develop the story, the visual metaphors and the characters and draw a draft story. We will then ask for your feedback and, if need be, we will develop the story further.

3. The final work

Drawing and colouring.

Generally the “think” is more important than the “ink” – without a strong concept and story your comic will not be very effective. That’s why more time is spent on developing the concept and story.

Questions? Drop Virpi a line at virpi(at)businessillustrator.com. Virpi is also on Twitter (@voinonen). If you want to order visual content you can also fill in this short form.

Who we are

Virpi Oinonen – online communications expert and visual storyteller (and director of Business Illustrator Ltd)

Virpi has worked as…

  • Online campaigner and web producer
    (Because of this background she is especially good at designing visuals that make people do things – subscribe to newsletters, join campaigns etc).
  • Internal communications specialist (speciality: internal social networks like Yammer)
  • Freelance journalist
  • Comics artist (drawing comic strips for current affairs magazines and newspapers about business topics and animals with existential problems)

She’s got a Master’s degree in political sociology from London School of Economics, but she’s also studied animation and new media.

Contact details: virpi(at)businessillustrator.com
Twitter: @voinonen

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