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Professional visual simplifier. Former digital campaigner.

How to commission comic art

  Snippets from comics by xkcd, Darryl Cunningham, Marc-Antoine Mathieu and Dan E. Burr. I've drawn comics for over twenty years. With delight I've noticed the rise in demand for comics for marketing and communications in recent years. And why not! Our world is getting increasingly visual and increasingly complex and comics can tame complexity [...]

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What is graphic recording? – Infographic

What is graphic recording exactly? This narrative infographic by my colleague Richy K. Chandler is one attempt to explain. We both offer visual recording/sketchnoting services here at Business illustrator. This is Richy's visual explanation of what a visual scribe can do.. (If you want an explanation of the terminology - check out this post on [...]

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One core message + visual metaphor = effective communication campaign

During my career as an online producer for Greenpeace and other nonprofits I learnt a very important lesson: find the core message and visualise it. There can be only one... (core message)   Often other people in the organisation (experts and senior managers) came to me with a request to add about 7 "equally important" points [...]

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Microsoft SharePoint Conference – Cartoon Infographic

  I have a background in collaboration technology like Microsoft's Yammer (an enterprise social network). So in 2014 I was invited to talk at the annual get together for people working on Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365 (and by get together I mean a massive conference in one of those massive hotels in Las Vegas). [...]

Science needs more comics artists – interview with the creators of Neurocomic

Every time I see somebody explaining scientific concepts in an engaging way I feel like doing a little dance. So when I came across the graphic novel Neurocomic I did a proper 70s disco dance routine. Neurocomic explains neuroscience, or brain science, through an engaging story and clever visual metaphors. I interviewed the creators Matteo [...]

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Graphic recording vs event sketchnoting – which service to use to illustrate an event?

Graphic recording services are very popular these days. You might have been to an event where an illustrator  draws what's been said on a giant sheet of paper or a whiteboard. There's something about drawings that help people see the topic or a problem in a different light. The visuals literally help people to get [...]

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Graphics + storytelling = effective PowerPoint presentation

I was once approached by someone from a major technology firm with an interesting - and terrifying - question. He asked if I could do a 75 minute presentation at a technology conference in the US. After oohing and aahing for about a month I finally said yes. I was worried about three things: 75 [...]

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Who said doodling was bad? The illustrated lecture notes that went viral

Live drawing, or graphic recording, at events is becoming increasingly popular. But it's nothing new. Most of us here at Business Illustrator are incorrigible meeting doodlers. Aino Sutinen, a Finnish comics artist and Business Illustrator freelancer, attended a lecture for journalists on online research and - naturally - started doodling. She then posted her "infocomic" online [...]

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8 Tips for being a Graphic Recorder

This is a guest post by my London based Business Illustrator colleague Richy K. Chandler. Richy has a background in comics writing and illustration (if you've ever read the Wallace & Gromit newspaper strip you've read Richy's work). Recently Richy has been venturing into the fascinating world of graphic recording (also known as creative scribing). Here's what Richy [...]

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When Your Web Content Strategy Can Benefit From Comics: 5 Factors

This blog post was first published as a guest post on the Content Marketing Institute website. Like infographics, comics and comic-like visual content have a lot of viral potential. If you need convincing of this, just check out this presentation by Matthew Inman, the creator of the hugely successful website, The Oatmeal. By incorporating comic-based visual imagery in your [...]

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