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Professional visual simplifier. Former digital campaigner.

Leadership vs management comic strip

What is the difference between leadership and management? This cartoon / comic strip is my attempt at describing the difference. It was for a client who wanted to promote a more holistic view of management and leadership within their organisation. Leadership skills have become increasingly important as more and more non-managerial staff members are given [...]

By | June 12th, 2013|Cartoons, Portfolio|10 Comments

Online comics – the next big thing in visual content marketing?

"Comics are for kids." No they're not. Comics and comic like visual stories (some infographics) are one of the most popular visual content online. But unlike video they are generally cheaper and quicker to produce. And they can potentially solve the problem of where to get engaging content for your website and other online channels [...]

By | February 17th, 2013|Visual content marketing|4 Comments

Effective Visual Strategies for Business by Gapingvoid

"Nothing spreads an idea faster than a cartoon". Check out this cartoon slideshow by Gapingvoid. It pretty much sums up the case for cartoons and illustrations in communication strategies. Communications is so often about writing and then slapping visuals in as an afterthought - resulting in pieces with god awful stock photos that usually [...]

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Introducing Yammer – PowerPoint presentation

Need help with Yammer? Download my e-book Internal Social Networks the Smart Way. Or a whole package of training materials on the topic (including the book and this presentation as  PPT file). Introducing Yammer, or any internal collaboration tool for that matter, is rarely easy. Not in established companies where you have to fight old habits like [...]

By | February 11th, 2013|Enterprise social networks, PowerPoint|12 Comments

Forget video, go for PowerPoint in your visual content marketing strategy

“Can you make us a video? We really need a video to engage our audience.” I've probably heard that sentence dozens of times in my online communications career. For some reason people seem to treat video as some sort of silver bullet of audience engagement. It’s as if a video recording would suddenly transform your event [...]

By | January 27th, 2013|Communication tips, Visual content marketing|8 Comments

The Digital Workplace Manifesto illustrated (read this if employee engagement is your goal)

  I did this infographic for Clearbox Consulting. I have a personal interest in the theme as I've worked in internal communications and strongly believe that treating your employees as adults and trusting them to do their jobs - no matter where they are physically - benefits both employees and organisations. The world is too complex [...]

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How to introduce Yammer in your organisation – Cartoon Infographic

NEW: Need help with Yammer? Download my e-book or if you need materials like this (as well as the book): Download the Enterprise Social Materials Bank. First published on the Yammer blog. Why I created this infographic (and how you can use it) I introduced Yammer (an enterprise social network) in my organisation many years ago (I [...]

Explaining a new process to staff – internal marketing campaign with a visual twist

This is an internal marketing project I worked on in my previous organisation. The web team had a problem. Other teams in the organisations had over time set up independent websites for various projects. When these teams no longer had the time or money to maintain the sites the web team were called to help. [...]

By | October 8th, 2012|Organisational change, Portfolio|1 Comment

Using infographics in nonprofit campaigning: Charity Tax campaign

This infographic helped in rapid list building that helped put pressure on the UK Government over the so called "charity tax". It also helped in making the campaign visually distinct (mainstream media used the illustrations in their reporting). Infographic to support the "Give It Back, George" campaign This infographic was used to rally support for [...]

By | August 5th, 2012|Infographics, Policy, Portfolio|1 Comment

Why you should communicate your message visually

Have you ever tried to convince someone to fund your venture? Or communicate a new strategy to your employees or board? Or have you ever had to train staff? If so, you’ve probably spent countless hours editing and polishing textual content. And if you happened to use images their sole function was to make your [...]

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