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Yammer case study AIA – Infographic

You can download this Yammer case study infographic and its PowerPoint version here: This Yammer case study is intended for internal communications managers who struggle to measure the ROI of  their internal collaboration tool. The ROI of an enterprise social network is not straightforward to measure because the benefits don’t always manifest in a [...]

Agile government initiative explained – cartoon infographic

I did an infographic for an agile government initiative "Experimental Finland", a project run by a team in the Finnish Prime Minister's Office. This particular piece was used to explain the project (a funding platform for experiments), as well as a briefing tool for teams participating in a hackathon that aimed to solve some of the [...]

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What is service design? – Cartoon infographic

What is service design I once asked a service designer I had met at a New Year's party. I could tell she thought "oh no, not that question again" and gave me the most boring, unenthusiastic and jargony explanation I had heard in a long time.  Some time later I decided to infiltrate the Service [...]

How work is changing – Cartoon Infographic

The world of work is changing. Most people know that (although someone should really tell HR). This narrative infographic is based on a keynote by Esko Kilpi, one of the leading commentators on the changing nature of work and new economy. I drew sketchnotes on my tablet during the talk, then turned the main points [...]

Microsoft SharePoint Conference – Cartoon Infographic

  I have a background in collaboration technology like Microsoft's Yammer (an enterprise social network). So in 2014 I was invited to talk at the annual get together for people working on Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365 (and by get together I mean a massive conference in one of those massive hotels in Las Vegas). [...]

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