Various topics explained visually.

Old School Sales vs Modern Sales – Cartoon Infographic

The PowerPoint version of the infographic is here. Download the image file here. If you want to post it on your own blog grab the embed code here (and please link back :). Purchase the Old School Sales vs Modern Sales Explainer Kit After many a discussion with sales trainers, managers and consultants it looks like [...]

What is service design? – Cartoon infographic

What is service design I once asked a service designer I had met at a New Year's party. I could tell she thought "oh no, not that question again" and gave me the most boring, unenthusiastic and jargony explanation I had heard in a long time.  Some time later I decided to infiltrate the Service [...]

How work is changing – Cartoon Infographic

The world of work is changing. Most people know that (although someone should really tell HR). This narrative infographic is based on a keynote by Esko Kilpi, one of the leading commentators on the changing nature of work and new economy. I drew sketchnotes on my tablet during the talk, then turned the main points [...]

How do spam filters work? – Cartoon infographic

Spam filters isn't something I get to think about every day. This was a content piece for a client's content marketing campaign. I did the concept for the infographic, the visuals (cartoons and design) as well as the copy editing. Raw copy came from the client. This was an interesting project because I got to [...]

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What is graphic recording? – Infographic

What is graphic recording exactly? This narrative infographic by my colleague Richy K. Chandler is one attempt to explain. We both offer visual recording/sketchnoting services here at Business illustrator. This is Richy's visual explanation of what a visual scribe can do.. (If you want an explanation of the terminology - check out this post on [...]

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