An iPad sketchnote from the HR Tech World Congress conference in Paris. This was the most tweeted cartoon at the event. I guess having Richard Branson in it helped.

Illustrating your event

Graphic recording means live drawing at events capturing what is being said, focusing on the hot topics and key questions as interpreted by the artist. The drawings can be done in a visible place so event participants can stop and look at them. This type of graphic recording is usually done on paper or whiteboard by one or several artists. In graphic recording capturing the idea is more important than style.

Graphic recording by Richy K. Chandler, Business Illustrator Ltd

Digital sketchnotes / cartoons

But sometimes the most important thing is not really to look at the drawings at the event – what is needed is a visual summary of sorts of what was discussed. In that case a better solution is digital sketchnoting where the artist(s) draw key points during the event on their tablets (possibly sharing them on event screens/online).

Do you want to reach an audience not taking part in the event?

Digital sketchnotes are perfect for Twitter and other social media channels. We’ve been to dozens of events where we’ve captured key points in quick sketches and cartoons and tweeted them out under the event hashtag (or sent them to event organisers who would pick and choose the ones they liked). Out of 10 cartoons usually 1-2 go “viral” and reach an audience much wider than the event participant crowd.


Digital wave
















Simple drawings, lots of tweets. From a tech event in London.


Corporate training



HR Tech World Congress conference. There was a fun misunderstanding who the guy drooling in the middle was.

Google HR boss Laszlo Bock on his career choice






HR tech trends











From the HR Tech World Congress conference. This was one of the most tweeted visuals at the conference. I guess people like visual summaries.


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“Thank you thank you thank you! I presented my Prezi today to the senior leadership team – and they’re on board to start a pilot program. I LOVE the graphics, they are so amazingly helpful! They really loved the new one you provided – that was the ticket to get them to agree to do it”.

Amy Dolzine
Former Community Manager, Lubrizol Corp.

“Virpi’s visual interpretations of our subject matter injected a very well received and much needed enlightening twist. The visuals have certainly stirred up the teams and have truly helped us in getting the desired result!”

Paul Fitzgerald
Head of Sales Force Effectiveness EMEA,
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Services


“Communication with Business illustrator was very straightforward and flexible. After our first initial conversation I was able to give Virpi the full responsibility to lead the project. The best part was that the service did not just include the illustrations, but also the story and the copy. Discussions with Virpi also clarified our own communication about our company. The end product was more inventive that we could have ever done on our own”.

Antti Mikkonen
CEO Addiktum Ltd
MD / specialist in addiction psychiatry

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