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First published on the Yammer blog.

Why I created this infographic (and how you can use it)

I introduced Yammer (an enterprise social network) in my organisation about a year and a half ago (I’m part-time internal comms as well as an illustrator/”visual storyteller”). I soon realised that not everybody understood what Yammer was about. As a former online campaigner for nonprofit organisations and an ex-cartoonist I knew that illustrations are the most effective way to explain abstract concepts to a time poor audience. So I decided to draw down the key concepts. This particular infographic  is aimed at internal communications people (and others at the forefront of the internal social media revolution). Feel free to download the infographic (or an individual illustration) and use it in your own work. In case you want to edit the copy I’ve posted a Photoshop file where I’ve left the text layers editable.

  • Download the file (png) here.
  • Download the file (png) without copy here.
  • Download the Photoshop file (in case you want to edit the copy or translate it into another language). NB: This is a large file.
  • Want to download an individual illustration (or several) for example for your PowerPoint presentation or newsletter? Head over here.
  • NEW: The infographic as a PowerPoint presentation.

Note: I’m using a Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0). This means you can use and modify my work as long as you attribute it to me (all the images have a url -it’s enough you leave the url in the image) and don’t use them in a commercial product (using them in internal comms or in a blog post is fine). If you like my work I would greatly appreciate it if you could link back to my site :).

– Virpi

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