What is an infographic?

If you google the term infographic you probably come across two types of graphics: those that visualise statistical data (also called data visualisations) and those that seek to explain a situation or a concept in a more narrative way. The latter usually include some data visualisation as well, typically in a form of stylised bar or pie charts or other fairly simple (but effective) visualisation devices.

We at Business Illustrator are interested in infographics that tell a story. We are of course happy to include  statistical data (sales figures etc), but that is not the sole focus of our brand of infographics.

Couple of words about the format (PowerPoint is not dead!)

A typical (narrative) infographic consists of series of images and text in a vertical image file. But that is not the only way we can present the information. If you want, we can break it down into individual images that you can then use in presentations, newsletters on your blog to illustrate specific points. We can also turn it into a PowerPoint presentation or a clickable slideshow (one of the best ways to present complex information, by the way!).

Order you infographic.

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