Don’t just explain, engage!

We storify and illustrate tough topics 

We do graphic recording, illustrations, comics, animations – with a strategic storytelling twist!

Change communication

When things are changing the last thing you want is a disengaged audience. We explain the why behind change in a way that sticks. We make the new strategy come alive and help create content that supports behaviour change. We don’t do “tick box” communication, we come in when you really want to get your message across.

Events and marketing

Event scribing (graphic recording, sketchnotes) and external marketing are the other strand of our work. We aim to create content that is highly shareable and flexible to use. Something that really sticks and can be reused again and again, possibly for years.

Visual versions of reports and other documents

Have an important report or document that no-one reads? Let us turn the key insights into a highly shareable visual piece (comic, animation, narrative infographic etc).

Not “just” pictures

Our philosophy is that pretty pictures alone are not enough – we want to create visuals that have impact: pictures and stories that speak to hearts as well as minds. We are happy to advice what approach might work best in your particular case.

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Why a drawn story?

Chances are your audience is suffering from information overload. Comics, narrative infographics and cartoons cut through the clutter.

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