Why invest in an enterprise social network – Cartoon infographic

Enterprise social networks are slowly (yes, very slowly) replacing email and stale intranets in all kinds of companies. Yet there are still senior managers out there who think that an internal "enterprise social network" like [...]

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Why change communication should be drawn

Change communication sucks. Most official internal communication is slick and polished. It aligns with the visual brand guidelines, it has been checked for spelling mistakes. It looks perfect. But in change communication the quest for [...]

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Infographic: Why organisations must change

Organisations must change. But why? This infographic explains how our unpredictable and increasingly complex world forces companies to rethink how they operate. It also gives key ways on how they can change to better adapt [...]

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Infographic: Social learning case study

Classroom training and e-learning are not usually the most effective way of learning when it comes to work. The best learning happens by doing and in interaction with colleagues. But thanks to social collaboration tools [...]

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Infographic: Employee engagement explained

Employee engagement is something companies know they should care about. Chances are you might have been involved in an  "employee engagement initiative"- whether you know about it or not. Unfortunately very few employee engagement initiatives [...]

Transforming Telefónica with Yammer Рinfographic

Want to make a giant corporation more innovative? More entrepreneurial? Chances are you also need to transform the internal communication channels: use less email (it stifles knowledge flows) and favour more open and faster internal [...]