Animations for change communication

The client wanted their employees to use their new “digital workplace” (Office 365 based tools). We narrowed down the change into individual animations each addressing a key behaviour change.

The process for business animations

Commissioning animations is simple. Like with any communication project we first clarify the message you want to send and the audience you want to reach. Sometimes this is crystal clear, sometimes we help you to narrow things down a bit. We will then do a rough storyboard – this is the stage where you can make changes, rethink stuff etc. When you’re happy with the storyboard we will start the audio work (if you want a voice over) or jump directly to the animation work if you only want a music track.

We’ve produced animations in a week, but an animation usually takes couple of weeks to produce as we need to factor in feedback rounds etc.

Check out our animations for past communication projects on YouTube (unfortunately I can’t share internal projects online).

Typical use cases:

Check out the Business illustrator YouTube channel for projects we can share publicly.

We can help you to use the animation effectively

We are well versed in digital marketing tactics. We are happy to advise on how to really make your visual content work for you!

Extras: PowerPoint presentations, infographics and a cartoon image bank

When you commission an animation you can also get a PowerPoint or infographic version of the same thing with a small extra cost. Or an infographic – which, curiously enough, can be a really powerful way to capture people’s attention online. You can also get all the cartoons used in the animation as an image bank in case you want to use them in your presentations, newsletters or on social media. Sweat your visual assets!

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