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Efficient vs effective public services – animation

Public services have traditionally strived to be "efficient". But what if this quest for efficiency has actually made public services more ineffective? And in some cases less humane? This animation was commissioned by a group of researchers and public sector administrators who want to reform the way we (in the UK) commission [...]

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Agile government initiative explained – cartoon infographic

I did this narrative infographic for an agile government initiative "Experimental Finland", a project run by a team at the Finnish Prime Minister's Office. The piece was used to explain the project (a funding platform for experiments), as well as a briefing tool for teams participating in a hackathon that aimed to solve some of the [...]

Using narrative infographics in nonprofit campaigning: Charity Tax campaign

This infographic was a key tool in rapid list building for a charity campaign in the UK called "Give it back, George". The infographic also helped brand the campaign. The campaign website (which I also produced) followed the same visual look and feel as the infographic. Mainstream media used the illustrations in their reporting - [...]

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