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The realistic innovation distribution curve – cartoon

We've all seen the innovation distribution curve (above). But those banging their heads onĀ involved in organisational change efforts might sometimes feel that the word "chasm" doesn't quite describe the challenge you are facing... Buy these cartoons If you want to use the cartoons in your work please buy a license (and get a [...]

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It’s hard to survive in the jungle when you were trained in a zoo – cartoon

Buy this cartoon Were you trained in a zoo? You probably were. I know I was. I came across a blog postĀ on the metaphor of zoos and jungles by management consultant Sonja Blignaut. It nicely contrasts the mindset in an industrial era hierarchical organisation and a more modern, networked organisation. The former assumes a [...]

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Leadership vs management cartoon

What exactly is the difference between leadership and management? One way to differentiate the two concepts is the kind of questions managers and leaders are expected to ask. A managerial mindset is often associated with maintaining processes, a leadership mindset is more about asking the right questions. Virpi @voinonen Buy this cartoon

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If the rate of change on the outside…

This famous Jack Welch quote has been used in many a presentation. I thought I'd include the man himself in the cartoon. Buy this cartoon

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Change without purpose

Change without purpose is like stew without meat (or vegan key ingredient of your choice). Unfortunately many change chefs forget the why and then wonder why their internal customers are returning the dish. Buy this cartoon

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Leadership vs management cartoon

What is the difference between leadership and management? This cartoon / comic strip is my attempt at describing the difference. It was for a client who wanted to promote a more holistic view of management and leadership within their organisation. Leadership skills have become increasingly important as more and more non-managerial staff members are given [...]

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