Digital workplace adoption can be tricky. People stick to email and their local hard drives despite the fact that there are shiny new collaboration and file sharing tools available. This happens because there is no support for behaviour change. And no-one tells employees WHY they should use these new tools – what’s in it for them?

We produced an animation for a client who wanted to increase the adoption of their internal collaboration tools. For the animated story we identified one key behaviour change that can get the adoption ball rolling: when people send internal emails we ask them to ditch the attachment and send a link to a document instead.

Then we turned it into a story where the digital workplace is a solution to a specific person’s pain: a team leader who just wants to get a job done slowly descends into attachment hell. The infographic version is below the animation.

Digital workplace adoption infographic

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PS. Digital workplace adoption causing you headaches?

If digital workplace tools like enterprise social networks (Yammer etc) is one of your professional woes I highly recommend you have a look at my cartoon infographics on ESNs. For more comprehensive guidance check out my book Internal social networks the smart way and the collection of presentations and cartoons you can use in your work.