Internal communications officer discovers a better way to get a message across to staff

Why use drawn visuals in internal communication?

1. They make strategies and policies more understandable

Let’s be honest: how many people in your organisation actually read those important company documents you keep posting on the intranet? Or remember something about that PowerPoint presentation the CEO gave couple of months ago?

Chances are they never looked beyond the headline. Or they skim read it and then forgot all about it.

The more abstract something is the more difficult it is to understand and remember it by reading text alone. And video doesn’t help as you are again stuck with words (unless you use animation – and that will cost you time and money).

2. Smart, simple visuals are almost impossible to ignore

If you need to grab your staff’s attention in a sea of information a narrative infographic or informational comic might just be the most effective tool you have at your disposal.

Simple visuals often cut through the clutter much more effectively than video. This is especially true if people are busy and for example feel they don’t have time to watch that five-minute video clip.

3. They can be used almost anywhere – from intranets to office fridge doors

Finally: you can use our visuals almost anywhere: newsletter, blog, intranet, internal social media network, company screensaver, office wall-mounted displays… Or print them and pin them on the walls, office fridge doors etc.

We can also turn the infographics or comics into stand alone illustrations that you can use in PowerPoint presentations, blog posts etc.

Typical cases:

Change management initiatives 

Your organisation is going through change. The company strategy has changed, there’s been an acquisition or a merger etc. We provide internal communications support in the form of regular infographics, cartoons or rich pictures and visual scribing. We also do campaign planning: how to communicate and what to communicate to whom. Note that we also do copywriting and copyediting – so no need to worry that the production process will take too much of your time.

Visualising staff ideas 

You want to collect staff ideas and visualise the best ideas with the help of comics or infographics. We can interview your staff (if need be) or you can send us the stories. This is a great way to support a change management initiative. By showing how teams X and Y have executed the new strategy in their daily work you are more likely to get more people to adopt the new way of working and thinking. We can use real people as characters – this will make them even more memorable and shareable. Everybody loves these.


You have a great new idea. Problem is that you need to sell it to your staff or your bosses before you can proceed with it. We can turn your proposal into a memorable presentation that will help you get green light for your proposal. We can advise on the content, structure and arguments – as well as do the visuals.

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