Here are examples of the kind of lightning fast illustrations I create at events on my iPad. I tweet them out during the event using the event hashtag and @ mention people who’ve inspired the cartoons. I’ve written about how this type of digital scribing, can be used in marketing in this post.

BUSINESS / TECH THEME: Digital business conference in London (shows that a cartoon that resonates tends to spread quite far): digital wave vs business as usual cartoon TECH THEME: SharePoint Saturday event somewhere in the Midlands (UK) culture vs tech cartoon BUSINESS / HR / TECH THEME: Talk by Google HR boss Laszlo Bock at London School of Economics: Google HR boss Laszlo Bock on his career choice   Same event: at google emergent leadership trumps status TECH / DEMOCRACY / BUSINESS THEME: Futurefest conference in London: How blockchain works cartoon I also do longer pieces (infographics, posters or PowerPoint presentations) that I’ve stitched together from live event illustrations and notes. For example: my visual reportage from Microsoft SharePoint conference in Las Vegas. – Virpi