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Graphic recording or sketchnoting at a tech event Graphic recording or live illustration at events is a fun and engaging way to capture key ideas, insights and debates at events, meetings or workshops. The participants get a memorable visual record of the event and the illustrations also provide a discussion point.

They are also an excellent way to spread the word about the event online – this is relevant for open events where there is a live online commentary for example in the form of a Twitter hashtag. Event cartoons have real viral potential. I’ve seen event cartoons make the rounds online for years!

We are based in London, UK, but are happy to travel.

Let’s make the illustrations shareable!

Me and my colleagues want our visuals to be shareable. Sometimes the problem  with visual event scribing (especially the kind that happens on big sheets of paper) is that the visuals don’t necessarily make that much sense to people who weren’t at the event. The drawing is simply too complex. We want the visuals to be shareable. This way the participants can share the illustrations with their colleagues (for example use them as part of their PowerPoint presentations etc) or online.

Questions we will ask you

Before coming to your event we need to know couple of things.

1. Graphic facilitation or graphic recording?

If you want the illustrator to facilitate a meeting or a workshop (i.e. steer the discussion) it’s called graphic facilitation. This is different from graphic recording which is “just” capturing what is being said without interacting with the audience. An important difference. We do both.

2.Digital sketchnoting or paper based scribing?

A key question to think about before hiring a graphic recorder is to decide between paper and digital. Both have unique benefits. If it’s important for event participants to be able to gather around a drawing and discuss it then paper based recording is better. But sometimes the event space prevents paper based drawing: there is no suitable wall space for example. Or people don’t have time to stop to look at the drawings. Then digital sketchnoting (which happens on an iPad or similar) is better. Digital sketchnoting also works better at events where people are using digital devices a lot (for example conferences). They enable people to comment and share the drawings in real time.
Note: we are happy to do the tweeting/sharing the visuals on digital platforms or we can collaborate with your event staff.

3. One or several graphic recorders?

We can send a team of scribes or just one. If you have a lot of breakout sessions that all need to be captured or you have several tracks running parallel at a conference then several graphic recorders is obviously a better choice.

4. Do you need a summary piece?

After the event we can also produce a visual summary of key ideas shared at the event in the form of an infographic, PowerPoint presentation, poster or a booklet. Here’s an example of a multi day conference condensed into an infographic and here is a an example of a visual interpretation of a keynote speech.

Examples of graphic recording (sketchnoting) illustrations

Graphic recording sketchnoting tech event Digital wave cartoon
















Simple drawings, lots of tweets. From a tech event in London.


Scribing at a conference Corporate training cartoon



HR Tech World Congress conference. There was a fun misunderstanding who the guy drooling in the middle was.

Graphic recording Google HR boss Laszlo Bock on his career choice






Graphic recording visual scribing HR tech trends











From the HR Tech World Congress conference. This was one of the most tweeted visuals at the conference. I guess people like visual summaries.

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