What’s the policy on using visuals from the Businessillustrator.com site and the Business illustrator newsletter?

ceo comic

Using the images on your company blog/social media

You can use the images/infographics/animations on the site/in the newsletter on your company or personal blog or social accounts as long as you credit me and add a link to the Businessillustrator.com website (ideally directly to the post where you found the visual). Here’s one format you can use:

Illustration/infographic/animation by Virpi/Businessillustrator.com 

Using the images on your work presentations/training materials/newsletter

This use case is different. I encourage you to pay for the license and high resolution version of the visual. The visuals on sale are here: https://www.businessillustrator.com/shop/  

If you can’t find the image/infographic you want in the shop please drop us a line at info(at)businessillustrator(dot)com

We are a small charity/I’m doing a presentation or training as a volunteer

In that case feel free to use the visuals for free but please credit Virpi/Businessillustrator.com


Drop me a line at info(at)businessillustrator(dot)com