Classroom training and e-learning are not usually the most effective way of learning when it comes to work. The best learning happens by doing and in interaction with colleagues. And thanks to social collaboration tools like Yammer and Slack we can now learn from each other without having to be in the same space at the same time.

Humans learn through conversation – not from a manual

This learning case study is from Xerox (based on a story by the legendary John Seely Brown). It shows effective learning doesn’t necessarily happen by reading thick user manuals or knowledge repositories (sorry knowledge management professionals), but through conversations. It also shows how technology can be used to enhance and scale conversational learning.

Download the infographic here.

social learning case study xerox

And going even further: if you can store those conversations – and perhaps let artificial intelligence do the brunt work of digging up old conversations and linking them together – then you don’t really need to force people to fill in forms or reports – all you need to do is enable them to have meaningful conversations with each other…

– Virpi