Woman holding a 24 page strategy document no-one wants to read

Everyone is busy these days and very few employees have the time to read everything that gets sent their way. They will have especially little time for long, jargon filled documents.

But as every internal communications professional knows, there are documents and messages that cannot be ignored: a change in business strategy or a refresh in vision for example. Unfortunately those important documents tend to be the ones that are long and full of jargon…

With a business infographic (an effective combination of text and illustrations) you can turn your business document into a visual story that makes sense to everyone in the organisation –from shop floor assistants to senior managers.

Three key benefits of a business infographic:

  1. Infographics catch people’s attention. Eye-catching visual explanations are guaranteed to pop out from a sea of text.
  2. Illustrations have the power to communicate abstract concepts (strategies, processes etc) that cannot be explained verbally
  3. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, when your employees understand the changes that are happening in the organisation or the reason behind a particular way of doing things they will feel more engaged and empowered.

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