why invest in an enterprise social network infographic

Enterprise social networks are slowly (yes, very slowly) replacing email and stale intranets in all kinds of companies. Yet there are still senior managers out there who think that an internal “enterprise social network” like Yammer is for sharing funny cat videos.

This infographic ties enterprise social networks to a wider context – the shift from slow moving hierarchical organisations into faster more networked “responsive organisations”.  Modern organisations require communication infrastructure that lets all kinds of people share insight and collaborate with each other – this is in stark contrast with email which tends to reinforce silos and prevent employees from sharing knowledge with people they don’t know.

I have a lot more content on this theme as I used to do consultancy around tools like this. The important lesson I learnt from my consultancy years is that social networks are just a piece of infrastructure. For an organisation to reap the benefits of these types of communication tools they need an organisational culture that supports knowledge sharing and collaboration. (I have an infographic on “why enterprise social networks fail” which I’m going to post on the Business Illustrator blog a bit later on).

– Virpi

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