Why visual storytelling works Venn diagram

Content, content, content…

Where can you get content that not only catches people’s attention but can also convey a message that would be difficult to explain with words, video or photos?

Or what if you want the content to signal playfulness or approachability? Yes, you could produce a funny video. But can you produce a funny video every week? For a year? And can you convince your audience to press the Play button?

Narrative infographics or informational comics are great if you

  • want to catch people’s attention in social media
  • you want your audience to share the content in social media (especially Facebook)
  • your product or service is difficult (or boring) to explain in words or video
  • you want to invest in cost-effective visual content (i.e. you are past the “let’s make a viral video” phase)
  • you want your product, service or organisation signal friendliness, approachability and openness to change (link to comics article – bit about approachability)

Not convinced? Read “Online comics – the next big thing in visual content marketing?

We can

  • develop a concept for one story or a series of stories
  • do the copywriting (or copyediting if you send us the raw copy)
  • do the drawing
  • do the optimising for different channels (online and off)
  • give you advice on when and where to use the content

Want to have a chat on how narrative infographics or comics can fit in your marketing strategy? Send Virpi an email virpi(at)businessillustrator.com – she’s always happy to chat.


We’ve got expertise in online campaigning and marketing and know what kind of visuals work at which stage of a campaign. And if you want a sustainable supply of visuals we can develop a visual content strategy for you.

Questions? Drop an email to Virpi: virpi(at)businessillustrator.com. She’s always happy to chat.