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We do a lot of change communication campaigns. This means most our work is internal in nature and can’t be shared publicly. Here are some examples of our past projects that we can show online or that are for external communication campaigns. You can also read longer descriptions of some of these projects on the blog. Past clients range from global corporations like Microsoft and GlaxoSmithKline to government departments and agencies (Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, Department of Business and Innovation in the UK). We also work with management consultancies and the occasional startup.

Note: we are not “just” illustrators. As a creative agency our work includes research, helping you clarify your message (if needed), storifying information, copywriting and project management (for animations and bigger print projects).

ANIMATION: Finnish Prime Minister’s Office: Government report as an animation

This is a voice over (Finnish) animation with music. The idea wasn’t to summarise the report but focus on the key tension points.
Concept, script, illustrations and production by

ANIMATION: Key behaviour change for a digital workplace project

This animation is a behaviour change piece that encourages people to ditch the attachment from internal emails. It shrinks a major digital transformation project into one actionable ask that, if adopted, will have a knock on effect on other behaviours.

ANIMATION: Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation – reaching out to stakeholders

This music only animation was produced to “sell” the services of OCWI to their stakeholders (employment service providers). There is a French version s well. Concept, script, illustrations and production by

CARTOON STRIPS: Insurance firm – culture change project

businessmen by a water cooler cartoon

This project supported a culture change initiative where the goal was to get actuaries in a major reinsurance firm to take part in the sales process. You can read the case story on the blog.

CARTOON INFOGRAPHIC: Why organisations must change

My attempt to condense the impact of increasing complexity on organisations. In a cartoon story format. This infographic has been one of the most popular pieces I’ve done so far. Snippet below. Full infographic here.

no plan survives contact with the enemy cartoon

CARTOONS & COMICS: Change communication over many years

History of accounting cartoon illustration

A collaboration spanning many years. This fast growing Nordic accounting firm (Accountor) has been using Business illustrator visuals to explain change, strengthen company culture and for generic training purposes (cartoons, posters, booklets..).

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“Thank you thank you thank you! I presented my Prezi today to the senior leadership team – and they’re on board to start a pilot program. I LOVE the graphics, they are so amazingly helpful! They really loved the new one you provided – that was the ticket to get them to agree to do it”.

Amy Dolzine
Former Community Manager, Lubrizol Corp.

“Virpi’s visual interpretations of our subject matter injected a very well received and much needed enlightening twist. The visuals have certainly stirred up the teams and have truly helped us in getting the desired result!”

Paul Fitzgerald
Head of Sales Force Effectiveness EMEA,
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Services


“Communication with Business illustrator was very straightforward and flexible. After our first initial conversation I was able to give Virpi the full responsibility to lead the project. The best part was that the service did not just include the illustrations, but also the story and the copy. Discussions with Virpi also clarified our own communication about our company. The end product was more inventive that we could have ever done on our own”.

Antti Mikkonen
CEO Addiktum Ltd
MD / specialist in addiction psychiatry

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