Past projects

Here are some examples of projects I’ve/we’ve been involved in. You can also read longer descriptions of some of these projects on the blog.

Accountor – accounting group 

History of accounting cartoon illustration

A collaboration spanning many years. This fast growing Nordic accounting firm has been using Business illustrator visuals to explain change, strengthen company culture and for generic training purposes (cartoons, posters, booklets..).






Finnish Prime Minister’s Office

why you need agile government - businessillustrator.comHelping to explain and market a new Government initiative on public sector experiments. This particular explanation piece was very much a “think as well as the ink” piece where I developed all elements in the visual piece (narrative, visuals and copy).







BBC Monitoring

breaking news cartoonThis piece was done to explain the whys behind a change initiative. It included examples from staff (who also got to be characters in the piece).









Service design explained

Corporation cartoon

This project was about reaching out to the service design field. I noticed that service designers had problems explaining what they do, so I created a narrative infographic that would explain it in layman’s terms. It also sought to capture the frustration service designers feel when their customers don’t quite understand and appreciate what they can do to help them.


You can download the portfolio (infographics, comics and illustrations) as an image file by right clicking over any image and choosing Save As.

Business Illustrator comics infographics and illustration portfolio

Contact us


“Thank you thank you thank you! I presented my Prezi today to the senior leadership team – and they’re on board to start a pilot program. I LOVE the graphics, they are so amazingly helpful! They really loved the new one you provided – that was the ticket to get them to agree to do it”.

Amy Dolzine
Former Community Manager, Lubrizol Corp.

“Virpi’s visual interpretations of our subject matter injected a very well received and much needed enlightening twist. The visuals have certainly stirred up the teams and have truly helped us in getting the desired result!”

Paul Fitzgerald
Head of Sales Force Effectiveness EMEA,
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Services


“Communication with Business illustrator was very straightforward and flexible. After our first initial conversation I was able to give Virpi the full responsibility to lead the project. The best part was that the service did not just include the illustrations, but also the story and the copy. Discussions with Virpi also clarified our own communication about our company. The end product was more inventive that we could have ever done on our own”.

Antti Mikkonen
CEO Addiktum Ltd
MD / specialist in addiction psychiatry

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