PREORDER: Company culture and how to hack it – cartoon explanation


Cartoon explainer kit: the importance of company culture and how it can be changed

how to hack company culture

We all know company culture can make or break and organisation. But can you effectively explain what company culture actually means and how to change it if it sucks?

Company Culture Explainer Kit to the rescue! This digital content bundle consists of a visual story that explains the issues in a smart, fun and engaging way.

The visuals will stick in your audience’s mind better than any diagram or bullet point. If you are interested in communicating these concepts effectively – perhaps to get funding or buy-in for a new programme or initiative – this is your tool.

three cultures of management cartoon

The Company Culture Explainer Kit consists of:

  • an illustrated visual story that explains the main points as a PowerPoint presentation
  • an infographic version of the story
  • About 15-20 high resolution stand alone cartoons
  • a license to use the visuals in your own work/within your companyYou will also receive an invoice/receipt (pdf) so you can claim the content as an expense.
  • an opportunity to influence what I will explain next (with drawings)

Organisational culture not your thing?

There are other visual explanations in the pipeline if this piece on organisational culture is successful. Tentative titles: “What exactly is digital transformation?”, “Why hierarchical models fail”, “What blocks collaboration?” , “What is machine learning?” etc.  Subscribe to my alert list to receive a notification when other stories are available.

Examples of other visual explanations (practice pieces if you like):

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How does pre-ordering work?

For companies only

You can only purchase this product as a company (or a sole trader), but not as an individual. I’m selling the content as a company, too (Business illustrator Ltd). If you want to take part as an individual click here and I will alert you when that is possible!

Delivery date 15 May 2017 (or so)

I will aim to send the product to you by 15 May 2017. As this piece is a bit of an experiment to see if I can get enough organisations to contribute there might be some delay in the delivery, but 15th of May is the goal. If it is not ready by end of May 2017 you can ask for a refund.

You will get your receipt and digital files via email

When you purchase (or technically pre-order) your copy of the Explainer Kit you will receive couple of emails from me: first an email with a receipt of your purchase, later an email with a link to your downloads.

You get a license for the visuals

I will grant your organisation a license (a PDF document) which gives you the right to use the visuals internally and with your clients (presentations, training materials) as long as you keep the small text in the images. Online you can use them in two ways: in your company blog and in the company social media accounts as long as you credit You cannot use them in your official marketing or sales materials (brochures, ads etc).
The license is pretty flexible and straightforward, but if in doubt drop me an email at virpi(at)

Why pre-ordering instead of purchasing the product right away?

Because I haven’t finished the piece yet and because this is a bit of a test to see if there is interest in purchasing a summary piece like this one on culture. If the concept works I will produce 12 more pieces all related to organisational change. So stay tuned!

Why am I doing this project?

I want to explain organisational change in a volatile world

virpi oinonenThere is a big shift taking place in how people work and how businesses are run. The world is moving incredibly fast and most organisations are playing catch-up.  I want to make these changes understandable and less scary. I’ve discovered that simple illustrated explanations work best when it comes to explaining abstract and potentially threatening concepts.

And how humans can block or enable change…

I also want to take this opportunity to help people understand human behaviour and cognition (buzzword alert: behavioural economics and cognitive biases) as they play an important role in making or breaking a change initiative.

The themes I want to cover with visual explanations:

  • why organisations need to change, what prevents them from changing
  • what are the solutions out there to make organisations more effective, innovative and humane (new organisational models, design thinking and service design, methodologies like agile and lean, hacking the context with community management etc)
  • customer centricity as a new organising principle
  • human thinking and behaviour that block and help facilitate change (cognitive biases, explaining how profoundly social our thinking is)
  • why collaboration fails and how to make it work
  • what is digital transformation (breaking down a concept that is too broad to be useful)
  • technologies that will disrupt business models and ways of working (blockchain, machine learning etc)

I hope the visual explanations help management consultants, senior executives, organisational development people and other change makers to get their ideas across.

A bit about me: I run a visual communication business. Most of the work I do is commissioned work around corporate strategies and change programmes. I’ve also been involved in change programmes as a consultant.  I combine my experiences in both worlds. I’m definitely not an “ordinary” illustrator…

Questions? Email me at virpi(at)businessillustrator(dot)com or tweet me at @voinonen



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