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Let’s face it, rolling out an enterprise social network like Yammer within your organisation can be an uphill struggle. My eBook addresses the most common problems we face when trying to make an enterprise social network part of our organisation’s communication culture.

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Would you like to know how to launch and run an internal social network without falling at the first hurdles?

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Internal social networks and social intranets are an efficient way to share information and collaborate inside companies. Yet most corporate social networks struggle to get off the ground or sustain the initial momentum.

One key problem is that corporate social networks like Yammer and Jive are treated as IT projects or approached as traditional intranet implementations.

They are neither.

In the book I draw from “softer” movement building and community management techniques that social champions have used both in big international conglomerates as well as smaller expert organisations.

There is no silver bullet for turning your organisation into a collaborative social business, but there are techniques that help you sow the seeds of change in a more fertile ground. You can make a big difference one small step at a time.


The enterprise version of the book comes with bonus downloads (cartoons – the book has quite a few of them..).


Thanks, Virpi, for putting me out of a job! As a social media specialist, I’m often asked (particularly by B2B clients) for some tips on how they can get an internal social network to take hold and gain traction. Now, I can just recommend this e-book – it is, quite frankly, excellent. Well done!
– Dane Cobain

Great book by Virpi! The comics give a clear pictures of the hurdles to overcome when introducing an ESN. Her thorough research provides you with a bunch of tips that you can immediately apply to steer your community to success!
– Esther Slotema

The book is not going to help you magically turn your company into a fully networked “social business”, but it will help you build social inroads into the old system and speed up the process of change that will eventually turn your organisation into a truly networked enterprise. Hope you find it useful!

Want to make copies of the book for your colleagues/employees? Purchase the enterprise version of the book.


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