Knowledge work cartoons


Overwhelmed worker

Knowledge work requires new ways of working!

These cartoons describe both the pitfalls of knowledge work and some solutions to those pitfalls in a fun and insightful way.

Knowledge bank cartoon image bank contains:

  • 47 high resolution illustrations (PDF)
  • 47 illustrations optimised for online use (PNG)
  • License
  • Receipt (pdf)

Purchase the images by choosing the size of your organisation, and then clicking the  “Add To Basket” button

The price of the image bank depends on the size of your organisation. For example individual consultants pay a different price than a company with 10 000 employees. The product is in pounds sterling because Business illustrator Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.


Knowledge work cartoons (image bank)

knowledge cartoons mini thumbnailsSee all the cartoons in more detail here (PDF).

These 47 cartoons illustrate the challenges of modern day digital knowledge work and techniques how to better plan and manage your work for example with the help of prioritisation tools.  Buzz words like flow state and multitasking also covered..

Download a PDF with all the cartoons to see what you’ll be getting.

The illustrations are from a Finnish book called “Järki töihin! – Parempien työtapojen kehittämisopas” (rough translation: “Put your mind to work – a guide to better working practices”).

You will receive a receipt and the digital files via email 

After purchasing the image bank you will receive an email with a link to downloads, license document and a receipt of your purchase. You will receive hi-res PDF files as well PNG -files that are optimised for online use.

About the image licenses

When you buy the image bank you get a license for your organistaion. The license gives you the right to use the images both internally as well as in client communication (for example PowerPoint -presentations, social media posts, blog illustrations, training materials).

You can’t resell the images or use them in book illustrations or animations.

But I just want to buy one cartoon – is that possible?

Yes it is, have a look at the thumbnails here and email us and tell me which one you want: info(at)

Questions about the images? Or do you want to commission cartoons/comics/animations? 

Email virpi(at)


Additional information

Size of organisation / use case

under 300 employees, 300-2000 employees, 2001-6000 employees, 6001-10 000 employees, over 10 000 employees, Individual consultant or freelancer


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