What are values cartoon bundle


values and identity cartoon

What are values and why are they so important?

Content bundle includes:

  • 12 high resolution illustrations
  • an infographic 
  • a PowerPoint presentation
  • a license to use the visuals in your own work/within your companyYou will also receive an invoice/receipt (pdf) so you can claim the content as a business expense.

Do you work for the NHS, in education or just want to use the visuals as a private individual? In that case you can download the visuals for free. Just drop an email to info(at)businessillustrator.com for a download link

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You will get your receipt and digital files via email

When you purchase your copy of this content bundle you will receive couple of emails from me: an email with a receipt of your purchase and an email with a link to your downloads.

You get a license for the visuals

I will grant your organisation a license which gives you the right to use the visuals internally and with your clients (presentations, training materials) as long as you keep the small Businessillustrator.com text in the images. Online you can use them in two ways: in your company blog and in the company social media accounts as long as you credit Businessillustrator.com. You cannot use them in your official marketing or sales materials (brochures, ads etc).

The license is pretty flexible and straightforward, but if in doubt drop me an email at virpi(at)businessillustrator.com

Questions? Email me at virpi(at)businessillustrator(dot)com


Additional information

Size of organisation / use case

under 300 employees, 300-2000 employees, 2001-6000 employees, 6001-10 000 employees, over 10 000 employees, For consultancy work with clients


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