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Linear sales pipeline

An illustration from a visual story explaining the difference between old school pushy sales, and modern day consultative selling. 

My name is Virpi Oinonen and I’m a business illustrator and storyteller. I’m in the process of building a content bank of sales training materials that sales trainers/sales consultants, L&D professionals and sales managers can use in their work.

Examples of sales training content:
Old School Sales vs Modern Sales (explaining B2B consultative selling approach)
10 Things Sales People Should Stop Doing

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If so I would love if you would take a moment to answer couple of questions about your current frustrations re sales training and the kind of content you currently use:

My goal: Engaging sales training content that can be used flexibly across various platforms (digital and print)

What you will get:
Engaging, visually striking content at a fraction of the price it would take to commission the same quality of content externally
– Not just eye candy but visuals that explain concepts
Visual consistency that you can’t get with stock photos or random pictures from the internet
Editable files in case you/your designers want to change the copy or spot colour to match your brand
– Access to editing/content creation service in case you need new custom content

I really want to produce something that actually works for you and the people who are being trained.
In order to do that I would really appreciate your help :).


Feel free to contact me directly at virpi(at)


I run a visual explanation business where we storify and visualise corporate strategies, processes etc. We usually use illustrations/cartoons because they enable us to make abstract concepts concrete, make a potentially off-putting topic more interesting as well as make the concepts more memorable. They are fast to produce and can be customised by clients (compared to videos or other “slick” corporate content). Example of our visual approach to training and education: