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Effective sales training presentations are memorable. This section of the Business illustrator blog is for PPTs, infographics and sales cartoons that explain key concepts in modern sales. The aim is not to be boring. As John Cleese once pointed out: “People learn nothing when they’re asleep, and very little when they’re bored”.

10 Things Sales people should stop doing – sales infographic

This sales infographic is a cartoon version of  a blog post by Adam Honig, the CEO of Spiro Technologies. I added the B2B zombie apocalypse twist because, well, why not? You can download the infographic here.

Also check out my How Sales Has Changed infographic that sums up some of the key shifts that have taken place in the world of sales over the last years.

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How selling has changed – Cartoon Infographic

Selling has changed. This infographic seeks to explain how. The PowerPoint version of the infographic is here.

After many a discussion with sales trainers, managers and consultants it looks like there are still quite a few salespeople (and salespeople in training) who struggle to understand the shift that is taking place in the world of sales.

This cartoon infographic is my attempt at a handy summary of the key changes in B2B sales methodologies and mindset. I added a nod towards content marketing (or inbound marketing as it’s sometimes called) as it links closely with customer centric, consultative approach.

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PS. Like this? Check out the Old School Sales vs Modern Sales Explainer Kit.

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