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DOWNLOAD drawings from an event you attended:
EVENT: "Managing and supporting your remote team" by Craig Smith and Dave Algeo 9 April 2020:
Download the cartoon summary (PDF) here:!Amh3jtUeXfkQg4tQedSd9vejJ_hDtg?e=iKaXsW
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Make your own online event memorable and shareable!

Interested in this type of service for your own event/workshop/meeting? My colleague and I create visual summaries and sketchnotes at events.  Your event can be completely virtual or 100% face to face. But we would argue that events that are 100% virtual benefit from these quirky summaries the most.

Drawn event summaries can capture both what the presenters say and what is discussed in chat windows and digital breakout rooms. If you want your digital event to be a bit more visceral and memorable a cartoon summary might be a good option.

Want your event to spread on social media?
If you want people to share (and spread the word) about your event -and what was discussed at the event - nothing beats a cartoon summary.
Or do you really think those PowerPoint presentations will go viral..? 😀

If you are wondering whether an illustrated summary of your event would work for your event, feel free to drop us a line for a quick chat! Or email Virpi at virpi(at)

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