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    Telefónica Yammer / collaboration case study

    This case study tells the story of the Spanish multinational Telefónica and how a group of enthusiasts in internal communications introduced Yammer, an enterprise social network, into the company. They integrated Yammer into the company strategy process and so got people at management level to adopt the tool first. The case study focuses on the practical community management techniques used to increase adoption.

    Telefónica Yammer case study content bundle consists of:

    • 30 high resolution illustrations
    • an infographic (two versions: small and large)
    • PowerPoint version of the infographic
    • A Spanish version of the PowerPoint presentation
    • a PDF with Luz Rodrigo Martorell's tips on how to introduce an enterprise social networks like Yammer
    • a license to use the visuals in your own work/within your companyYou will also receive an invoice/receipt (pdf) so you can claim the content as a business expense.

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  • Culture is tribal cartoon - Culture eats strategy for breakfast cartoon -

    Cartoon explainer kit: the importance of company culture and how it can be changed

    how to hack company culture We all know company culture can make or break and organisation. But can you effectively explain what company culture actually means and how to change it if it sucks? Company Culture Explainer Kit to the rescue! This digital content bundle consists of a visual story that explains the issues in a smart, fun and engaging way. The visuals will stick in your audience's mind better than any diagram or bullet point. If you are interested in communicating these concepts effectively - perhaps to get funding or buy-in for a new programme or initiative - this is your tool. three cultures of management cartoon

    The Company Culture Explainer Kit consists of:

    • an illustrated visual story that explains the main points as a PowerPoint presentation
    • an infographic version of the story
    • About 15-20 high resolution stand alone cartoons
    • a license to use the visuals in your own work/within your companyYou will also receive an invoice/receipt (pdf) so you can claim the content as an expense.
    • an opportunity to influence what I will explain next (with drawings)
    Organisational culture not your thing? There are other visual explanations in the pipeline if this piece on organisational culture is successful. Tentative titles: "What exactly is digital transformation?", "Why hierarchical models fail", "What blocks collaboration?" , "What is machine learning?" etc.  Subscribe to my alert list to receive a notification when other stories are available. Examples of other visual explanations (practice pieces if you like):

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  • Linear sales pipeline cartoon Sales cartoons content pack


    Let’s face it, there are quite a few people in the sales profession and elsewhere who struggle to understand the difference between "modern", customer centric sales and the pushy old school sales. This content pack helps sales trainers, managers and consultants explain the difference with a customisable visual story and a set of cartoons (so no need to hunt for awful stock photos or use bland generic graphics).


    Let’s face it, rolling out an enterprise social network like Yammer within your organisation can be an uphill struggle. My eBook addresses the most common problems we face when trying to make an enterprise social network part of our organisation’s communication culture.

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    You can either purchase the book as an individual or as an enterprise. The enterprise version is a file you can freely distribute within your organisation and it comes with extra downloads. The version for individual use is copy-protected and has no bonus downloads.

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  • Community life cycle illustration

    Enterprise Social Materials Bank

    A collection of fun and effective training and communication materials (couple of hundred illustrations, a How to -book, infographics and PowerPoint presentations) on how to introduce an internal social network like Yammer. Perfect for internal communications and IT managers who need to introduce or increase adoption of their enterprise social network . --- This is a product ---

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