These styles are available in-house for infographics and comics. We can also team up with other illustrators or graphic designers if you want to use a style that is not listed here (in which case we usually create the story and draw the first draft version – the illustrator/graphic designer then creates the final version). Examples of event cartoons are here.

You might want to have a look at our portfolio as well.

Tip: using brand colours in the infographic/comic is an easy way to make sure it’s on-brand visually.

Style A (cartoony):

collective intelligence brain

Style B (cartoony):

Financial crisis of 2008 explained_Darryl Cunningham

Style C (cartoony):

Richy Chandler rich picture for a client

Style D (realistic):

Sample image from an infographic explaining the charity tax campaign

Style E (Infographicy/fake instructional design): james bond style sample from

Style F (Infographicy/cartoony):

infographic style more realistic

Style G (Infographicy and very cartoony):

infographic cartoony