Why change communication should be drawn

Change communication sucks. Most official internal communication is slick and polished. It aligns with the visual brand guidelines, it has been checked for spelling mistakes. It looks perfect. But in change communication the quest for perfection becomes a problem. Why slick sucks Let me explain. When things are changing you are also asking employees to [...]

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Transforming Telefónica with Yammer – infographic

Want to make a giant corporation more innovative? More entrepreneurial? Chances are you also need to transform the internal communication channels: use less email (it stifles knowledge flows) and favour more open and faster internal social networking tools like Yammer or Slack. This infographic is a story of how an internal community manager, Luz Rodrigo [...]

Explaining a new process to staff – internal marketing campaign with a visual twist

This is an internal marketing project I worked on in my previous organisation. The web team had a problem. Other teams in the organisations had over time set up independent websites for various projects. When these teams no longer had the time or money to maintain the sites the web team were called to help. [...]

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