Conference cartoon summary Microsoft Sharepoint 2014

I have a background in collaboration technology like Microsoft’s Yammer (an enterprise social network). So in 2014 I was invited to talk at the annual get together for people working on Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365 (and by get together I mean a massive conference in one of those massive hotels in Las Vegas).

While there I summarised the Yammer track of the event and turned it into an “event infographic”. I did sketchnotes (using my iPad or and old-fashioned notebook) and then compiled a visual summary at my desk after the event.

If you are looking to extend the life span of your event or are looking for highly shareable content to boost your content marketing, then event infographics could be a good solution. People love to share simple visuals that sum up the key points of the discussions – especially if they are characters in the visual themselves!

An event infographic can also take the form of a slideshow.

– Virpi