The Confused CEO’s Guide to 21st Century Organisations is a cartoon guide to business buzzwords everybody uses but no-one can explain: agile, design thinking, organisational culture, innovation, complexity etc. The story is told through the eyes of a confused CEO who is trying to make sense of it all. Each chapter is also a stand-alone explanation.

At a deeper level the book is about the paradigm shift, (argh, I used the word paradigm), that is happening in organisational thinking: we are slowly moving away from the idea of Tayloristic “efficiency machines” towards agile, networked organisations.

It’s first and foremost intended as a communication tool for the “converted” who can use it to explain the issues to their clients/colleagues/bosses (the non-converted) so they can see what needs to change. But it a non-threatening, fun way.
(It might also work as a therapeutic intervention in your moments of doubt: “will the organisational revolution ever come?!”)

If you like the concept – pledge your support on the book crowdfunding site Unbound! The sooner I hit the goal, the sooner the book gets done.

What you get as a supporter: cartoon image library, customised books…

cartoon image library

You can support the book as a company or an individual. The rewards are as follows:

  • Image bank of ALL the cartoons in the book and a license to use them in organisational context
  • Books From a single copy to a bulk order of 10, 30 or 50 copies
  • Customised books You can get a batch of customised books with your company logo on the cover and a message on the back cover
  • Workshops / talks The workshop is about using the comic strip format to make sense of a problem and the talk is on the power of the drawn line.
  • There are also limited options for corporate sponsorship

Go to my Unbound crowdfunding page to learn more and pledge:

What happens if I hit the crowdfunding goal?

If the crowdfunding reaches its target the publisher behind the crowdfunding platform (Unbound) will push the book further. Maybe even all the way to airport bookshops where confused CEOs roam. I didn’t want to self publish because I want this book to spread as far as possible – and for that I need the distribution muscle of a real publisher. And if I don’t hit the goal? All money will returned to you.

Why I think the concept works

I’ve been working within organisational change for many years now. My job is to explain and inspire through visual stories. In that line of work I see what people struggle to understand. And it’s not just an employee level communication problem. I see senior managers google “what is agile” on their phones (and then share the best animated explanations with each other).

There is a real, burning need for quick, easy to understand and fun visuals that cover the shift. Not just agile, not just design thinking, not just organisational culture – all of it. And link them together.

Thank you for your support!


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