Business, technology and human behaviour

We tend to cover themes that fall under three broad categories: business, technology and human behaviour. More specifically:

  • Digital transformation (and change programmes in general)
  • Social collaboration (enterprise social network tools like Yammer and Slack)
  • Sales (sales training materials and modern sales methodologies)
  • Marketing materials (pitch decks)
  • Business (basic concepts as well as disruptive trends)
  • Psychology/Behavioural economics (in the end it all comes down to this) 

Digital transformation

Algorithm artificial intelligence cartoon

Quick sketchnote from the London Future fest conference.

This is a big topic that can cover the business side (disruption), the technology side as well sat the behavioural aspects of the digital shift. From blockchain and artificial intelligence to service design and internal social networks – we’ve covered it all. Audiences for this type of content has ranged from frontline staff to senior executives.

Examples of work include visual summaries of keynotes, event scribing (sketchnotes) and corporate transformation programmes.

Social collaboration

collective intelligence brain cartoon

Enterprise social networks harness collective intelligence. Illustration from training materials.

Enterprise social networks and other social collaboration tools are rapidly changing the way we work. Siloed communication via email is being replaced or supported by more open and discoverable communication via internal social networks, chat tools and document collaboration. And to make things even more interesting: artificial intelligence has started to mine conversations and documents to help decision making, reduce repetitive workflows and make collaboration across team and geographical boundaries easier.

But how do you explain how you expect employees to use these new tools? How do you explain their benefits? We have a large collection of visual training materials, cartoons and illustrated case studies on this topic that you can use. And we are always happy to do more.

Examples of work include comprehensive training materials around introducing and managing internal social networks like Yammer as well as visual keynotes and presentations, infographics, illustrations… See for examples of visual work around this theme.

Sales (and marketing)

Old school sales cartoon

Illustration for a sales consultant on the theme of old school pushy sales.

We’ve done training content around sales processes, created sales playbooks and explained basic sales techniques. We’ve also done content around the big shift that is taking place in sales today: the Big Shift from old school pushy sales into modern, inbound sales.

We’ve worked with B2B sales trainers, consultants and managers who want to teach their staff a new mindset and a way of doing sales but prefer to do it in an engaging and fun way.


Leadership vs management according to

From a comic explaining the difference between leadership vs management.

We combine understanding of the basic business concepts with a keen interest in the new disruptive megatrends that are shaking the worlds of business, finance and policy. Network theory, block chain, service design and UX are all concepts we love to draw. (We are geeky that way).

Human behaviour (psychology, behavioural economics)

Changing organizational culture cartoon

Ultimately it all comes down to psychology – social and cognitive. The way we think and behave is no accident. But how do you explain the underlying mechanisms to your colleagues, employees, students or bosses? That’s where we come in.

What about other topics?

We are happy to have a chat even if your project doesn’t fit under the above themes.

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“Thank you thank you thank you! I presented my Prezi today to the senior leadership team – and they’re on board to start a pilot program. I LOVE the graphics, they are so amazingly helpful! They really loved the new one you provided – that was the ticket to get them to agree to do it”.

Amy Dolzine
Former Community Manager, Lubrizol Corp.

“Virpi’s visual interpretations of our subject matter injected a very well received and much needed enlightening twist. The visuals have certainly stirred up the teams and have truly helped us in getting the desired result!”

Paul Fitzgerald
Head of Sales Force Effectiveness EMEA,
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Services


“Communication with Business illustrator was very straightforward and flexible. After our first initial conversation I was able to give Virpi the full responsibility to lead the project. The best part was that the service did not just include the illustrations, but also the story and the copy. Discussions with Virpi also clarified our own communication about our company. The end product was more inventive that we could have ever done on our own”.

Antti Mikkonen
CEO Addiktum Ltd
MD / specialist in addiction psychiatry

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