So you’ve come across one of my cartoons, comics or animations and would like to use it for something?

You’ve come to the right place!

You might find the cartoon (or infocomic, PowerPoint presentation, booklet) in my webshop. Alternatively just drop an email to info(at) and we’ll find the high resolution version for you.

The prices tend to range between £20/per illustration to £150-£450 for more complex work (note that I have created image banks for whole themes – it might be more cost effective to buy a license to a whole image bank than just to couple of illustrations).

I sell (i.e. license) my visual work mainly for organisations and consultants/trainers. People use them in presentations, blog posts etc.

Want to commission new content?

If you would like to commission new content just drop us a line at info(at) (I work with a group of freelancers: other illustrators, a graphic designer and an animator).

I’m a professional cartoonist/comics artist/visual storyteller specialising in business and work topics. I try to create content that is memorable and shareable. This means I tend to use humour, a dash of absurdity and storytelling to hold people’s attention. I try not to do “lame” corporate illustrations – no-one remembers those.