Virpi OinonenUser generated content doesn’t always have to be photos or videos.

Couple of years ago I took part in a curated fan art project called “69 Love Songs, Illustrated”. The aim was to illustrate all 69 songs on the Magnetic Fields’ concept album of the same name.

But the band PR people didn’t get it

I remember asking the project lead/curator if she had been in touch with the record company or the band’s PR people about it. She said that she had, but that they never came back to her.

If you’ve ever looked after the social media presence of a brand you know how hard it is to find unique and shareable visual content. What a missed opportunity for the people who curate the band’s social media presence!

Bear in mind: this is a band that writes quirky, tongue-in-cheek songs and whose fan base consists of urban hipsters. This project would have provided the band’s social media channels shareable content for over a year (if you post one strip a week). For the band’s fans these strips would have carried a lot of meaning and potentially rekindled their relationship with the band. And if they had shared the strips in their Facebook feeds they would have raised the curiosity of thousands of potential new fans.

It would be interesting to know what the band’s publicist thinks about the project. Here are couple of my favourite strips:

  • Xylophone Track” – dark and moody
  • I’m sorry I love you” – a girls’ comic book theme suits the country vibe of the song
  • Punk Love” – pretty much sums up the repetitiveness and, well, punkiness of the song

My track was “Meaningless”. I’m a fan of visual metaphors, but I’m not sure where the polar bear came from…

Magnetic Fields Meaningless_by_virpi_Oinonen

Random fact: this is also my first comic strip that I drew on the iPad.

– Virpi