Is your event, meeting or workshop going virtual? Thanks to Coronavirus, chances are that it is.

Making your online event more memorable with cartoon sketchnotes

Digital events have a reputation of being bland non-events that people only listen to with half an ear while doing something else.

One way to make online events a bit more engaging are sketchnotes or cartoon summaries of the key points discussed. They are not only useful to the participants who are more likely to remember the ideas shared at the event, but also people who did NOT participate.

For non-participants visual notes are a lot more accessible and attractive than PowerPoint presentations (which will lack the debates, discussions and Q&As anyway). So if you want your event to have impact beyond the participants cartoon sketchnotes might be a way to go.

So in summary: they are both a useful memory aid and a way to promote future events.

remote graphic recording

A snippet from a longer summary for an hour long webinar. 

Let’s create an epic visual conference summary!

Because many, if not most, virtual events are recorded there is also the possibility of creating a more comprehensive cartoon summary of the event. This mainly applies to virtual conferences with multiple presentations and workshops – some of which might be running parallel.

A graphic recorder at a “real” event won’t have the opportunity to listen to all talks and workshops as you can’t be in multiple places at once. But if the event is recorded…  Well then the situation changes and I can cover as many talks and workshops as needed – provided I get more time of course.

So let’s get sketchnoting!

If you are interested in having a chat about creating a visual summary of your virtual event you can drop me a line at virpi(at) or tweet me at @voinonen. My colleague and I can also cover a major event between us.


PS. I hope Covid disappears soon, but I hope the investment and culture change when it comes to remote working and digital events stays!