Some time ago I did a cartoon summary of a talk about values by a lady called Jackie Le Fèvre (for an online conference on palliative care).

It was an unusual presentation because it stressed how much our values guide our actions and our interpretation of the world (somehow corporate presentations about values tend to be devoid of meaning and very close to what I would define as corporate fluff). In a world that seems to be in perpetual conflict it’s absolutely crucial to understand values: your own as well as others’ values. Otherwise it’s very easy to misunderstand each other and accidentally provoke conflict.what are values explained with a cartoon infographic

If you have ever ended up in an argument with someone about, say, immigration, income distribution or parenting you might want to stop and think how much of this argument is fuelled by different values (not just about the other person being an idiot). It’s remarkable how often you can uncover a different set of values (or different priorities in values) when you dig deeper into someone’s “appalling” opinions! Personally I find it easier to deal with disagreements when I know that our differences are based on a different set of values. Or, as is more often the case, different priorities in values.


PS. Want to use the cartoons in your work?