Why does patient experience matter? Isn’t it enough, that patients get good clinical care? You might be forgiven for thinking that patient experience is unimportant fluff around the hard core of medical care. But that is not quite the case.

This cartoon infographic was commissioned by the good people who do patient experience work within the NHS in the UK. They asked me to create a PowerPoint presentation that would show why patient experience is important, and help advocate their cause within the NHS. It builds on their experience during the Covid-19 pandemic during which patient experience suddenly got an opportunity to work differently – as well as make a real difference.

Why patient experience matters cartoon infographic

Human connection matters more than we think

This piece made me think about the importance of human connection. A big part of what people who work in patient experience did during the pandemic revolved around facilitating connection between patients and their families when visits were not allowed. There is increasing evidence that lack of human connection can affect our mental and physical wellbeing. This book about loneliness by the former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is one example of how the theme has become a topic even with top policy makers and civil servants. Unfortunately it still suffers from the problem of being a bit too “pink and fluffy” to be taken seriously as a policy goal. We need more awareness about the importance of human connection at work, schools, healthcare, urban design – well, pretty much everywhere!

– Virpi